There is something special about hearing thunder roar near you. It can truly set you on edge, especially if you weren’t expecting it. For homeowners it might be a little bit extra concerning, since lightning can do a lot of damage to your home, affecting your home either directly or indirectly.

While your odds are pretty low for getting hit by lightning personally, your home is much more likely to get hit by lightning than you are. There is also the risk that lightning hits a tree or telephone pole near your home causing it to fall on your home.

While you have little control over those events, you do have control over another effect that lightning can have. If lightning were to hit a transformer or something else connected to the electrical grid, you might have a spike of thousands of volts traveling through the wires. Using surge protectors for your sensitive electronics will prevent that from damaging them. You should also avoid being on a corded telephone during a lightning storm, even though that is a fairly rare occurrence these days.

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