Do you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to use a plunger? It might not come as a surprise, since this is the case with pretty much any tool you come across, but a plunger might seem so simple that it should be easy to use.

While it is true that a plunger is a simple tool, it can actually do damage to your pipes if you use too much force when you try to clear a clog. There is also a risk to splash contaminated water on the floor if you use it on a toilet where the water level is too high. On top of those risks, one of the worst things you could do with a plunger is to use it on a toilet where you have already poured in drain chemicals. These could splash back in your face and do some serious damage.

As with any tool that you use, you should know how to use it properly before you utilize it. This will help you to use it safely and as efficiently as possible.

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