Bed bugs are terrible to deal with. They are difficult to kill and they can hide really well in your home. On top of that, they are spreading faster than ever in the past. With the dawn of modern travel, these bugs have spread around the world. They were thought to be close to exterminated from most of the world a few decades ago, but the pesticide that was used to kill them proved to be very harmful to your health, so it is no longer being used. The problem is that this left us without an effective way of dealing with bed bugs.
This means that your best defense is to avoid getting bed bugs in your home to start with. This might sound easier said than done, and it is going to be tricky, especially if you spend a lot of time traveling. Whenever you stay in a hotel room, you should inspect it carefully to make sure that there aren’t going to be any bed bugs coming back home with you. The same is true when buying either used furniture or display models from a store. Taking some time to examine them well before you bring them into your home could save you from a huge headache.

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