With children at home, you are most likely concerned about their safety. If you use pesticides around your home, you should take measures to make sure that your children aren’t exposed, and the same for yourself. While children are more sensitive to the damaging effects that pesticides can have, and are curious by nature, exposure can be very harmful to adults as well.

Your first step in controlling your pesticides is to keep them in a locked cabinet or high enough that your children can’t reach it. As with all chemicals, you should keep your pesticides in clearly marked containers, and if you need to transfer them to a different container, make sure that the new container has a label as well.

You also want to be careful with how you apply the pesticides. It is not good to apply pesticides when it is really windy since you could end up with it going into your neighbor’s yard or blow back in your face. You should use protective equipment when applying it as well.

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