While most of us don’t use the tub to take a bath, parents will use it for their children, but sometimes this might not be possible because of a faulty tub stopper. You might wonder what a tub stopper is, and the answer is that it is what blocks the water from running out of the tub when you are filling it up. Usually this is done using a lever that is connected to a plunger which will raise and lower inside of the overflow hole, cutting off water flow through the drain. It is possible that the plunger has become disconnected, in which case it will block water flow, or it might have gotten stuck somewhere along the overflow hole. If the plunger is disconnected, you can fish it back up, but you will need to use a flexible tool with a hook on the end. It might be a little tricky, but with some patience, you should be able to get it out. After reattaching the plunger, you need to check whether the length of the connecting chain needs to be adjusted, since it could be too short, leading to water leaking out even when the plunger is down.

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