Among the defects found in a home inspection, electrical issues are among the more serious ones. This is because they can pose a risk to your and your family’s health. Because of this, it is important that these issues are addressed, preferably by a licensed electrician.

Something that might go unnoticed by many homeowners is an ungrounded receptacle. This is because some DIY homeowners might have their ungrounded receptacles replaced with grounded ones without getting them wired correctly. This could create a false sense of security while in reality, there is a higher risk of electrocution when using that receptacle.

A broken appliance could become a death trap when plugged into one of these receptacles. It could also cause some appliances to function improperly. A surge protector plugged into a receptacle that isn’t grounded won’t work properly, which could lead to a loss of thousands of dollars worth of electronics if a surge were to occur.

If you live in an older home and aren’t certain your receptacles are wired correctly, it is best to have an electrician take a look at them.

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