There are many different features to older homes that can be very attractive and beautiful, but if you have an older home with these features, you will usually also need to be aware of how to best care for them so that they don’t fall apart. One such feature is outdoor masonry work. The most dangerous thing for your masonry work, besides grandparents backing their car up, is water. When water gets into the cracks of your masonry work, temperature changes will make it expand and contract, widening the cracks and eventually leading to the masonry work completely crumbling.

To avoid this, proper grading is very important to keep the water from pooling around these features. You should also apply a protective sealant to prevent water from penetrating the masonry work. It is important to keep track of how long the sealant is meant to hold up, and then reapplying it when needed. Water doesn’t need a lot of time to do damage to your masonry work.

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