Are you worried about keeping your children safe at home? Some parents might not think this is a dangerous place, but sadly, thousands of children are hurt in their own home every year.

There are many things that we might not think of that could actually be lethal for a child. Take chemicals, for example. While older children might be aware that chemicals shouldn’t be put into their mouth, young children put things in their mouth all the time, so you should make sure that chemicals are out of reach. Putting them in a high cabinet or installing locks on the cabinets where you store them should keep them safe.

If you have stairs in your home, you might want to consider installing gates to prevent an accidental fall.

Electrical outlets should be covered or replaced with tamper resistant outlets.

If you have heaters, you should make sure that your children are aware that they are hot, and also the danger of putting flammable items near them.

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