Have you ever seen a home with clay roofing? It is not a very common sight, but if you see one, you might notice that it probably has been around for a long time. Clay roofing is definitely one of the more durable types that are available, some roofs lasting over 100 years. That will come out to be a good return on your investment, but it is a quite sizable investment.

The problem with installing clay roofing is that your home needs to have the structural integrity to handle the added weight that clay tiles will add. It might be necessary to have some extra support installed, and that will add some more cost to the project.

Make sure that you use an experienced roofing company, especially considering how large of an investment this will be. It is possible to make some serious mistakes when installing clay roofing, and you might end up having to pay to have a poor job fixed by someone else instead if the roofers don’t have the experience.

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